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The following letter was received recently and I wanted to pass it on.

I have explored the web address given and found it very interesting and a possible destination for a vacation trip for those “air buffs” out there. There are many pics and videos to enjoy.

Thanks to Col. Denis Godfrey—Rocky Mountain Wing

 Mr. Kelly


I am with the Rocky Mountain Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. We operate a 1945 TBM-3E “Avenger”, torpedo bomber in the colors of aircraft #309 of VT-84 operating aboard the Bunker Hill.


The TBM was painted in these colors back in the 80’s and it has since lost if “309” represented an actual aircraft from that period or if the number was randomly picked.


We then discovered a WWII picture of the actual 309 in flight and at least part of the mystery was solved.


Now I am attempting to discover who the crew was and perhaps  more on this     actual aircraft, hoping your association can assist. Please let me know if you can help or have any suggestions. Beyond that our two organizations should form a bond and keep in touch!

                     Regards and…

                     “Keep Em Flying!”

Col. Denis Godfrey - Public Information Officer

                     Rocky Mountain Wing





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