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Enclosed is the photo of the S-1 Div. In the front row center is Lt Cmdr E. S. .Tharpe,  on the side Ens. Hemphill and the right side a mustang I worked for. He was a great guy I I typed the menu's and generally worked for him. I'm in front with the baseball cap, how I got away with that I don't know.

 You asked about my background. I enlisted Nov. 1942 in NYC and went on active duty March `43 for CPT training , I had 80 hours of flying when we finished and went to Chapel Hill Preflight. I didn't realize that pilots were backing up at that time. While there Ted Williams and Johnny Pesky were there playing baseball. We finished and went to NAS Bunker Hill for Primary training finishing up in late Dec. We arrived in Pensacola early Jan and did our intermediate flying. Interesting we had British sailors and RAF cadets with us, never did see them except walking punishment with them. I was in Final Squadron with 3 gunnery flights and 10 Bombing hops left when I and 4 others in my 6 man flight were washed out. We were to get our wings in about a week or 10 days. They sent us to Great Lakes as boots. We had been in the navy for 18 months-- so an understanding was arrived at with the PO and ourselves- no trouble-very light schedule. Then to aviation ordnance school in Norman Old until late Nov reported to Flt Air Wing 10. We hung around, going to San Francisco. I did run into a couple of friends who had their wings. We went to formation to get our carrier assignments, we lined up at this table ,my buddy and I were going to stay together. They had Bunker Hill, Franklin, Sangamon, Santee and two others, He got to the table and was assigned Franklin I was next and asked for the same but it was full, the next carrier was Bunker Hill. We met the ship in Bremerton and started our trip to the war. Again there were so many of us they didn't seem to know what to do with us. We were in the fantail with racks that seemed 6 high, after a few days we got sorted out. My other x-cadet was sent to VT ordnance. My battle station was on the fantail in the ammo ready room for the starboard quad 40's A friend of mine from home Chucky Schaffer had something to do with the paint locker, which was in the stern on the Ist deck when things were quite he and would talk. On May l ls' he and I were talking and we felt two big thumps and he said we've been hit. He was right! For all the smoke in the pictures it didn't bother us. I did try to go forward but there was plenty of smoke and without respirators, not possible. I remember sort of wandering I didn't go to my compartment. On the 11 n' when the fires were out I went to look for my friend Bob Bcenig who was assigned to the VT squadron (ships company). I found him on the flight deck on a litter--he had been wounded in the groin area. He was taken away to another ship. At Bremerton I got back to VT they had a need now but with out a squadron, it was make work. I did do one Magic Carpet to Hawaii and was relieved in Nov and went to the Bklyn Navy Yard awaiting discharge in March `45. Hope I didn't get overly long but there it is. SI/c AOM Bill Keiss

Aircraft Electronics Dept.— 1945

Aircraft Electronics Dept

Lft to Riight Back Row

H.E. Wright—Russelville, AL

Larrry Prichert—Ohio

Harold Dittman—Pierrce, NE


Front Row

Wanus Schumate—Tipple, WV

B.E. Rumfield—Bainbridge, OH

H.F. Shogren—Kansas City, KS

Pictures by  -  Rick Shogren




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