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The following email message was sent in search of:

·          Hi my name is Misty. And I'm looking for information on Wallace Earl Crandall. He served on the Bunker Hill during WW2. And he died a year before I was born. And no one in my family will tell me about him. So I'm begging you if someone out there knew him. Please get in contact with me, at: 

      Thank you please I want to know him badly. Thanks again     Misty

·          Ogden Rowan perished aboard ship on May 11, 1945, the day of the Kamakaze attack. Anyone knowing of Ogden is asked to get in touch with Amy Schulke—   -  Phone 317-867-6104.  Any info of her Uncle would be greatly appreciated.

·          FROM:  JACK JOYCEsearching for info re: Joseph A. Joyce

     I had an Uncle who served aboard the Bunker Hill from around September 1943 until February of March 1944.          He was taken into the Navy at 37 years old, married no children.  Went through boot camp in Newport RI summer of 43 and then onto the Bunker Hill after it had returned from it's shakedown cruise.  I have no info on what happened to him aboard the ship except he had said at one time he was thrown from one of the decks of the ship and transferred to the Naval Hospital and was discharged he was almost 38 years old then.  His name Joseph A. Joyce and lived in Roselle, NJ.  Anyone having any info I would gladly hear from you.

Jack Joyce        Ex RM2       Destroyer Sailor during the Korea war period.

Please get in touch at

·          My grandfather served on the Bunkerhill I believe as an aircraft chief or mechanic during the time of her passage through the Panama Canal and up to her trip home after the kamikaze attacks. His name was Thirstol Theron “T.T.” Thornton. I can only remember a few childhood stories, but would like to find out more about his duties on board and his rank, etc. If anyone could help I would be gratefully appreciative. Thirstol passed away in the early 90s after a long career with Lockheed. I inherited his passion for aviation.



Bert Thornton

21 Constable Way

Black Notley


CM77 8FE

United Kingdom


·          Another shipmate was located.  . CLAYTON MANSON, 117 GRANITE RD., AUBURN, ME, 44210-1422.

     He was a member of V!-H DIV.    If anyone recognizes their shipmate send him a note to say hello.  He was at the reunion meeting last year.


·          Raymond J. DeFrese inquired for information about his father, Ray DeFrese, Sr., who was on the USS Bunker Hill when it was hit. He was from, Guthrie, Oklahoma.  If anyone has such information you may E-MAIL him at: .   Thanks

·          William Keiss, , is looking for info on Roy K. Stewart.  He was in Flag Plot on May 11, 1945. He was from Tulsa, OK  

·          I received the following letter from a friend of a shipmate:

I'm writing this letter to on behalf of Mr. John Antoniszym, USN, who served on the USS Bunker Hill from her  early days, through to the end of the war. I met John at a Senior's picnic. We started to talk about his days on the ship, but then he stopped. " I've lost many dear friends out there.  All I want now, is to see, or hear from some who are still around". I took up the task for him. My research has led me to your site. Below is his address, could you help me out?

John Antoniszym , 38 Galewood Drive, Matawan, NJ 07747

732-566-4521            Thanks, Dan Kerwin




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