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Text Box: Lt. Geoffrey Alan “Al” Turnbull
VT Squadron 84 –Pilot
Died November 21, 2010 at Santa Barbara, CA.
Born November 1918 in Saskatoon, Saskachawan, Canada.
The USS Bunker Hill  CV-17 Association, his family and many friends, air crew, former shipmates, were very important to him to the very end. He loved us all and said it many times.



The memorial is on the 2nd of January and will be conducted at the Friendship Manor where he last resided. It starts at 3 pm, but will be highly attended. I suggest that people arrive earlier. It will conclude at the site that was dedicated to him in Los Carneros Park, not too far from the manor, the Al Turnbull Grove.

The webpage is:


 In lieu of flowers, donations can be made to Goleta Valley Beautiful, the caretakers of the Grove.

Goleta Valley Beautiful

PO Box 6756

Goleta, CA  93160-6756



Hip - Hip Hurray!!!USS BUNKERHILL CV-17



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