How Taxi Businesses Can Promote Their Business On Twitter


Twitter is a social networking site with over 330 million users monthly. The platform allows users to tweet, follow, retweet and engage their followers in relevant discussions. Most businesses and marketers are using the platform to reach, engage, and keep their followers well informed. However, Twitter is not a platform where you just post automatic updates. You can leverage the power of Twitter to rent a car or promote your taxi business. If you own a Taxi business and looking forward to increasing your sales, just take a look at some of the tips you should implement.

Follow Your Competitors

Search on Twitter for keywords like traveling in your city and try to follow them and like their tweets. Check what they are tweeting and come up with great ideas to make your business stand out. Do not copy what they are doing, but rather be creative and come up with new ideas to distinguish your business from theirs.

Hunt for Your Competitor Followers

Search for your competitor’s accounts on Twitter and attack their followers in a positive way. All account followers are public on twitter so you can always follow them and make interaction on Twitter.

Keep Your Followers Engaged

Post relevant posts which are related to Taxi business. Be visual and post a video or image which your followers can like. Avoid posting poor quality images or videos. Your followers will always relate your services with your posts, and if you are not professional enough, they will lose trust in your business.

Invite Your Customers

Take advantage of your customers and request them to follow you on Twitter. Follow them back and request them to follow, retweet and favorite your tweets.

Make Use of Hashtags in Twitter

There are a lot of folks sitting on twitter searching for hashtags, and if your tweet went viral, you could get a lot of targeted followers.
Stay Active
Keep your followers well engaged with new entertaining posts. This can be done twice a day. Posting regularly on Twitter will not only keep your followers well engaged but also makes your Twitter profile Active.

Use Twitter Marketing Tools

Take advantage of “Twitter for business” to promote your business. Twitter for business is a paid marketing strategy used by Twitter to help businesses generate more sales leads.

Offer Discounts

Run promotions by tweeting about special offers or new services. Request your followers to refer their friends and family. Remember to give a timeline on when the promotion ends and give awards for all successful referrals.
Generate Traffic

Followers are the kingpin of any online business. Twitter allows you to post links to your website or blog. Take advantage of the followers you have to Increase your website traffic by directing them to your site.

You can check other giants like uber and careem, they often post promo code to encourage costumes and engage them. Even there is a different site which aggregates careem promo codes where users can come and claim their discount.

Keep with The Industry Trends

Be well informed and embrace any new trends. Most businesses are using apps like Uber to promote their Taxi businesses. Take advantage of these technological advancements for easy reach.

Appreciate Your Customers

Appreciate your clients by thanking them for the support. When mistakes happen, show your customers you value them by apologizing and if possible offer a token or a cup of coffee as compensation.

Twitter is one of the great marketing tools for businesses. If used well, Twitter can help you build a strong brand image and generate more sales leads. Smart businesses and marketers are reaping substantial benefits. Don’t just sit back and watch. Start by implementing all the above tips and take your business to the next level.